Collection of Used Lithium Batteries for Businesses

Cost competitive collection and recycling of EV, BESS and other Lithium batteries:

By recovering useful cells and materials from retired batteries and rebuilding into new products, we are able to reclaim the most value from spent batteries to offset the cost of their recycling.

By allowing the cells to live a second life in new products, it is having a two fold benefit on the renewables sector: it is reducing the demand on the production of new cells and therefore the mining of lithium, and it is also reducing the cost of cells to our customers making renewable forms of energy more accessible.

Each year, we have calculated that over 100 Tonnes of CO2 has been saved from the production of new cells, due to the sale of our second life cells.

We have had our products used in Offgrid systems, Electric Car, Electric Boats, Portable power trailers, consumer electronics and E-mopeds

If you would like to organise a collection, you can fill out the form below:

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What Happens to Retired Batteries

In Australia, lithium ion batteries that are put into commercial recycling streams will all eventually find themselves being shredded for their raw material worth.
The actual green house gas emission cost to produce a lithium ion cell varies between countries of manufacture but the process is described in this scientific report.

How we plan to do things differently:
We aim to allow more of the potential lifespan of batteries to be accessed through a second life scheme, thus preventing the resources of battery production being wasted and emissions being released, when batteries retire or are used in faulty equipment.

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