Dyson Vacuum with power-bank in carry bag

Extra Long Life Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Described by one of our hobbyist clients as "The worlds first corded cordless vacuum"!

The batteries of their household Dyson had died. The original configuration being a 6S1P, likely high amp output cells, were converted to a 6S 7P configuration using our 2600mAh Sinowatt 18650 cells. The upgrade now provides enough power to vacuum the whole house on one charge, which the stock Dyson could not do. 

The new power bank for the vacuum was electrically insulated and taped to contain the wiring and cover the terminals, then placed in a LiPo fire containment bag before being placed in the black bag with the strap that is pictured. The new battery pack contains a temperature protection switch (set at significantly lower temp than the original) and of course a BMS.

Disclaimer: This is not an instruction manual, and DIY electrical builds and repairs on appliances should be reserved for experienced and qualified individuals. 


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